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A boutique real estate investment company in Hawai’i

About Us

Real Estate Investment

Hawaii Bahia is a Real Estate Investment Company that specializes in Developments, Flips, and Rental Properties on all islands in Hawai’i.


Hawaii Bahia works on building new structures, modifying existing ones, and generally improving any piece of real estate to increase its value. We work with our partners that consist of developers, contractors, architects, and specialized realtors.


We specialize in developing long term rentals, single family and multifamily and vacation rental properties.

Residential Redevelopment

Our niche varies from affordable housing (Ohana Program) to high end custom spec homes.

Ground Up Builds

Hawaii Bahia has experience in building on all islands ranging from affordable homes to extremely refined high spec homes.

Investment Opportunities

Visit our interactive map to see all of the Real Estate Investment Opportunities that Hawaii Bahia has to offer. 

Ohana Program

Hawaii Bahia's Ohana Program

The Hawaii Bahia’s Ohana Program’s mission is to provide affordable housing solutions for the local community in the Hawaiian Islands. Through condominium projects and creative real estate investments, the program’s mission is to create housing, as well as guide, educate and support the local community on the home buying process, from financing to estate planning, and more. Our goal is to deliver 50 homes in 2021 and triple that number in 2022 and our program’s ambassadors include the Moniz family. We also intend to work together with the local government and authorities to bring faster solutions addressing the affordable housing problem in the Hawaiian Islands with efficient results.

Condominium Projects

Hawaii Bahia's Condominium Projects

Hawaii Bahia has delivered over 10 condominium projects over multiple islands. Our team of architects, real estate attorneys, realtors, and contractors have been trained to deliver these condominium projects in an efficient time frame. Condominium projects are a great investment to create value both for the community and investors

The Bali Bahia Collection

Hawaii Bahia's Bali Bahia Collection

The Bali Bahia Collection is our high end new build spec home that started on the island of Kauai. We’ll soon be expanding this collection to all of the Hawaiian islands. The Bali Bahia Collection is a combination of the best local labor with luxury imported materials from Bali and Brazil in order to create high value for high end homes in this market. 

Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii Bahia offers Real Estate Investment Opportunities on O’ahu, The Big Island, Maui and Kauai.

Current Investment Opportunities


What our clients have to say

When we worked with Ernesto’s team, we did not have to go through the same issues that many others are going through right now such as low inventory and high prices, mahalo Hawaii Bahia!
by Ashley Moniz
I want to thank Hawaii Bahia and Ernesto especially, for taking extra special care of us. In Hawai’i it’s so difficult to purchase land but he helped us navigate the avenues to get to homeownership with so much love.
by Tammy Moniz
I feel very blessed to have Ernesto in our lives who helped us get the house we wanted.
by Micah Moniz

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